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You can always read the Thessaloniki Hotel Zaliki's city guide and realize why we are considered one of the better hotels in Thessaloniki.

Through our Thessaloniki city guide of our hotel you would find the major spots of the city and what kind of information would be useful while staying in the uniquely beautiful city of Thessaloniki.

If you want to go out at night, our "Thessaloniki City Nightlife Guide" is a must read for you because Thessaloniki city stays alive all day and all night long.

The spots below are places that characterize the city and give the city its special multicultural, mysterious yet cozy and friendly feel.

You could enjoy them while staying in Thessaloniki Hotel Zaliki.

The White Tower

White Tower

Symbol, point of reference for the locals and the visitors of Thessaloniki city....

The Palace of Galerius and the Arch of Galerius – Kamara


The Palace is located in Navarinou Square and it was built in 300 A. D in the heart of the Thessaloniki city...

Rotonda (Rotunda)


It was constructed by Gallerius as his mausoleum...



The area from Koudouriotou to Diamanti streets and from Hiou to Lemnou streets is known as Ladadika...

Aristotelous Square


The most impressive square in Thessaloniki. Buildings with great architecture inspired by European and colonial models, cafes, shops etc...

Saint Dimitrios Church - Agios Dimitrios

agios dimitrios

The church of the patron saint of the town is a must see in Thessaloniki...

Osios David - The Latomou Monastery

osios david

This church with a commanding view of the city was supposedly built about AD 500 in honor of Galerius's daughter...

You could enjoy all the above and benefit from the special offers of Zaliki Hotel in Thessaloniki always including the free Wi-Fi.

If you would like something specific you could make a request and we will be happy to help you.

Reading our Thessaloniki city guide will definetely help you find the spots to visit, gather useful info about Thessaloniki, find where to go out for drinks or food, learn about what's new in the city and move around with all the means of transport with ease.

If you come by plane we offer a special package free taxi pickup from airport along with your room in Zaliki Thessaloniki Hotel.

You could find how to get to Zaliki hotel in Thessaloniki with the best route and follow our useful links to get a better view about our hotel.

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