Location - Hotel Thesaloniki - Zaliki Boutique

In Zaliki Thessaloniki hotel you combine the central location with special offers in all of our different types of rooms:

Parking and free Wi-Fi are some of the services that are going to make your stay in Zaliki Hotel in Thessaloniki easy and comfortable. 

Take advantage of our special offersMid week and stay-4-pay-3 offers, Free Airport Pickup taxi and others which will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your stay in Zaliki Thessaloniki hotel

Check our photo gallery in order to get a clear view about Zaliki hotel in Thessaloniki 

Get directions to Zaliki Boutique Hotel Thessaloniki  in a larger map

You could also find a detailed guide for the places you could visit while staying in Thessaloniki Hotel Zaliki;

  • Meteora, an extrordinary suspedning in the air Monastery complex
  • Vergina, famous about the tomb of Greek Macedonia King Phillip II
  • Agion Oros or Mount Athos, center of Orthodoxism
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