Mount Athos - Agion Oros

The center of Eastern Christian Orthodox Monasticism dedicated to prayer and worship is located in the third and eastern peninsula of Chalkidiki or Halkidiki.

In case you would like to travel to mount Athos in Greece and visit the monasteries of Agion Oros or Holy Mountain you can contact us and we will perform all the necessary procedures for your trip to mount Athos.

We could arrange every detail of you trip and all you have to do is to enjoy it. Our hotel offers a plethora of very comfortable rooms with a high level quality of service that will satisfy your every need after a trip to Agion Oros. 

Free parking and Free Wi-Fi along with Free Airport Pickup in case you use Airport Makedonia (SKG) are just a proof what we offer you. 

Zaliki Hotel offers and other trips to places like Meteora the "suspending from the air" ascetic monastery complex and Vergina where the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander The Great was discovered


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