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Thessaloniki City Guide - Hotel Thessaloniki Zaliki







Thessaloniki or Salonika is a majestic and captivating city. It is the second-largest city of Greece and the principal, largest city, and capital of the province of Macedonia, the nation's largest region.


The multi-cultural background of Thessaloniki, where three religions met and lived in harmony for many centuries has transformed the city to a magical place. Influence of Greek, Jewish and Turkish culture can be felt in every inch of every street in the city.
Thessaloniki is full of life and movement. Large avenues, parks and squares provide nice green spaces, and trees line the commercial streets. Neoclassical buildings that stand side by side with modern constructions add to the beauty of the architectural mosaic of the city.


The people of Thessaloniki are known around the world and Greece for their friendliness, hospitality and relaxed approach in their daily routine. The city’s major characteristic is it delicious cuisine. No one can resist to the tasteful sweets, the delicious pies and no one can ignore the numerous taverns that offer special Greek dishes.


Last but not least, Thessaloniki is Greece's is a major economic, industrial, commercial and political center. It has been a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe for a long time; its commercial port is also of great importance for Greece and the rest of Southeastern Europe.


Unique is the word that describes Thessaloniki’s character perfectly. Beautiful and unique due to her rich history, Thessaloniki is a mosaic of peoples, cultures, architecture and life styles. In the city of Thessaloniki everything has a different feel and more relaxed, more diverse and mysterious yet lively atmosphere.


Zaliki Boutique hotel has prepared for you a special Thessaloniki city guide that will help you move around, find the significant spots and help you gain essential info about the city.




 Thessaloniki City Guide by Nemanja Milenkovic



You can stay in Zaliki Boutique hotel and easily reach Thessaloniki's main spots due to the hotel’s  central location. Zaliki Hotel is located next to the main Aristotelous square 


We will provide you with all the essential info about your stay in the city which you could always access in your room using our free Wi-Fi.


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