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Thessaloniki comes alive at Night!

Thessaloniki is famous about its outgoing people, the always relaxed attitude that you feel "in the air" of the city, its delicious tastes and mixture of local cuisines and laste but not least, everyone talks about the city's nightlife.

The city offers you countless options that can satisfy every style of night life you prefer. It has a plethora of bars close to the water front with different musical styles, designs and decoration.

In Ladadika and in the Valoritou and Syggrou Streets you will find more rock and alternative bars that are always full of people having fun time and drinking a beer.

Moreover, in Ladadika you could find very interesting flavors and tastes in food. There are a lot of nice restaurants in this area that went from having a bad reputation to being one of the nicest places in the city.

In case you want to experience more elegant and stylish restaurants you could go to the area of Krini, which is on the east coast of the city by the seaside.


Do not forget that throught our Thessaloniki city guide you could find out what's happening in the city, how to move in the city with the different means of transport and you could enjoy the beauty of Thessaloniki with our special offers

Last but not least you could find out what is worth of your attention except our website in the city.


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