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Enjoy natural sleep with Coco Mat Experience


At Zaliki hotel, we worry about the sleep quality of our guests. That's why we decided to upgrade our rooms with COCO Mat beds and bedclothes, made exclusively with organic and natural materials, to ensure really restful and comfortable sleep to you. 

Coco mat experience is available at Zaliki hotel, starting from 7th May, 2015. 

Enquire about the Coco Mat rooms at the reception, book the room online or simply contact us for the offer.  


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6 Gr. Zaliki, 54631
Selanik - Yunanistan
tel: +30 2310 226400
fax: +30 2310 226402
e-mail: info@zalikihotel.gr
ΜΗ.Τ.Ε. 0933K060A0236800