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The Palace of Galerius and the Arch of Galerius – Kamara

The Palace is located in Navarinou Square and it was built in 300 A. D in the heart of the Thessaloniki city. Pieces of the palace are prominent around the center of the city giving a ancient and historical feel to it. The arch of Galerius, or commonly known as Kamara, is about 1 minute walk north from the palace and it is one of the most known meeting spot of Thessaloniki citizens. It is a symbol of glory and has been a focal spot of the city for a long time. Kamara was built in 299 A.D. and was dedicated in 303 A. D. to Galerius victory over the Persians in 208 A. D.

The places worth visiting are

The trips in areas that you could explore around Thessaloniki that we could organize are 


You can move in or around the city of Thessaloniki, explore all the above and then get back to our hotel in which our rooms are comfortable and full of services that will provide you with the best accommodation possible. 

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